Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adventures in Parent Raising

I admit I should have known better. I should have realized that anything a toddler can reach a toddler can destroy. They can do so in seconds. The following mess occurred while I was blow drying my hair, STANDING NEXT TO THE KID:) well I should have looked down to notice that my favorite eye shadow (well favorite since I remembered I still had it from college, as it is the expensive mineral kind that does not go bad) was now all over my adorable son.

He was pretty upset about it, a) it was an expensive eye shadow (and the second one he had done this too, you would think I would have learned), b) I had just cleaned the bathroom not even 20 minutes prior, sigh, such is being a parent. So I did the responsible thing and took pictures so at very least I could savor the disaster :)

On the bright side other messes of his are much cuter, and far less destructive.

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  1. Eliza always takes my make up bag and uses my brushes to paint her face:-)