Monday, June 11, 2012

Cloth Diapering: Overnight Diapers and Prefold Inserts

A few months ago I wrote a post on the types of diapers I was using, well being my love to shop, deal loving self I have taken advantage of some sale and have now find diapers that work for us. For my descriptions of each type of diaper and how they work you can visit this previous post. Anything else we had we have sold to other cloth diapering mommas.

Cloth Diapers I own as pictured above

   Top Left to Right:

 Bottom Left to Right:

Homemade "Flip" Diaper Inserts from Prefolds:

One thing I have done that is kind of unique is jimmy rigged my own "Flip" inserts from prefolds. The traditional prefold as pictured below can be wrapped around a baby and pinned or "snappied" or you can trifold them and lay them inside a cover, my uber lazy self decided that I would sew the two long edged together, turn them right side out and voila, a tube like insert that is super easy to lay in a cover :) (in the bottom right picture I have "stuffed" it with a newborn hemp doubler for my super pee-er.

Then all you have to do is lay the "Flip" insert into the flaps of the Flip or Bumkins cover and you are ready to go. I snap up the diaper just because its nice to have one all ready to go.

What We Use Overnight

Before we started cloth diapering we went through many nights off peed out diapers and and expensive boxes of special "overnight" disposables. Now we may not have the trimmest diaper option for night time but  we have enjoyed the fact that our adorable son has only peed out of his overnight diaper 3 times since February. We use our Best Bottom Covers stuffed with a Fleece topped Microfiber insert called a Stay Dry Insert (this means his skin stays dry to the touch overnight, which helps prevent diaper rash), then we snap a Overnight Doubler underneath it. The Overnight Doubler is the the thickness and absorbent level of one typical Microfiber diaper insert so when you add that all up our son really does have 3 DIAPER INSERTS THICK :) He looks like he has a 2 by 4 between his legs, but it does not bother him and he rocks the "fluffy butt look."


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