Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kites and Bellies

On thursday G. sent a text saying he was leaving to come home from work, then about 25 minutes later sent another text saying he would be another 15 minutes. Then he arrived at home, smiled when he saw us and asked "where are your shoes?" I put shoes on myself and Mr. B while G. changed out of his motorcycle gear, and then inquired as to "where we were going?" The answer included, "do you want to walk or drive?" In that stores and restaurants are a little far to walk to, that solidified that we were bound for the neighborhood park, to fly a kite :) A perfect activity to offset the absolutely insane hours G. had worked thus far. (50 + hours by Thursday, having started late memorial day afternoon and all Monday night)

My mom's father and her are all about kites, if the weather was suitable for it we would be outside trying to some awesome kites airborne. It had sadly been years and years since this had occurred, so G. bringing home a kite to fly was an extra special treat. Initially Mr. B was uninterested in the kite flying and made a b-line for the playground and left G. and I to fly the kite, while making sure he (Mr. B) did not get any farther away from us than he already was.

Pretty soon he saw what fun he was missing out on and came over to take a look. He soon joined his Daddy in the finer art of kite flying on a lazy summer evening.

In other news I am still enjoying being pregnant with another little boy, even though he is a ninja just like his brother and enjoys attacking my insides to the point that my poor belly contracts in protest. 24 weeks down and a few more months to go.

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