Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hanging at the Hospital

Mr. L was doing super well after being taken off the ventilator. He also super enjoyed not having a tummy venting tube as well. We feel so blessed that he woke up right as we got to the hospital. Best part of all is we got to hold him (as you may have read on facebook). We are still praying for his intestines and other digestive organs to start working again (they usually go dormant for awhile after surgery).  They have also started weaning him off Morphine, and we pray that he will be able to handle the transition smoothly and quickly. Poor little guy, such a trooper.

Big brother and I got to chillax at home yesterday just the two of us. He was adorable, but a little sad that it meant me taking him away from a friend's house. Once he got over that we had fun :) Although an unintentional game of hide and go seek had me concerned when I walked around asking what he was doing the iconic toddler "NOOOO" response gave away his location. (Pardon the terrible phone pictures).  

We are sooooo proud of him for handling everything so well. He is definitely more prone to temper tantrums and stuff, but we love him and could not have asked for a better big brother for this. He is happy to play with either grandma or any friend's house as we go to spend time with Logan. This whole thing would certainly have been miserable if we were having constantly worry about who was watching Mr. B. 

At this time we are largely trying to keep Mr. B at home in the afternoon and evenings, but he loves play dates in the pre-1pm nap time hours as long as NOBODY in the household is sick or has been sick recently. Thank you so much for all the offers to watch him (we will definitely 
take you up on them over time). 

As for me I would love company at the hospital, G. and I are there multiple times over the course of the day, and as long as you and nobody in your household are sick we would welcome your visit, they are very encouraging to us. 


  1. I can't get over how cute Logan is! So smoochable, what a little sweetie.

  2. Thinking of you and your family!

  3. Logan is GORGEOUS. My heart is melting. He is so darling and so strong. Hang in there!