Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The $10 Dress :)

I stumbled upon a fantastic blog called I am in love with this site. The creator is this super crafty and super gorgeous LDS mom who loves to make cute clothes without patterns. Her specialty is making updated (non 80s style) t shirt dresses. I totally had one of the non updated style kind when I was about 8 years old that looked like this. Oh man do I wish I had a picture of the one my mom made me. It was hot pink on the top. I loved that thing.

Borrowed from 
I am drooling over pretty much every one this awesome lady (Leanne) has made. I have a shirt that shrunk in the wash and I think it will make a super cute one. I am planning on using the directions she used to make this one because the fabric I found is similar. Hopefully it turns out.

If I can ever find a similar fabric I will be making this one immediately. With a pair of my many red high heels I would be smiling ear to ear wearing this one.
If you have any awesome sewing tutorials send them my way (pretty please).

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