Monday, September 12, 2011

Favorite Music

I have definitely worn out my current music collection. Specifically my workout music collection, which had not needed much because at most my workout consisted of walks with Benton. Now I have rejoined the gym, and have committed to being in shape again. Basically it was becoming sad that I could no longer go a mile even at a near power walking speed with out being out of breath. 

Previously I had wanted to go back to the gym
1) I did not away from G during the few hours he is home (not a good excuse, but man I love him and I miss him when he is gone)
2) If I went during the day Mr. B would have nowhere to go.

Well miracle of miracles I decided to be smart and actually have Mr. B try out the gym daycare, and low and behold he loved it. He was trying to dive out of my arms while I was signing in, unlike the other munchkin who was clinging to his mother. As soon as I set him behind the kiddie gate he took off in a sort of "see you later lady," and he was gone.  I fretted about him being with people I did not know but thankfully I calmed down enough to go actually work out.

Awesomely there was an exercise class going on right as I was dropping off Mr. B, and even more awesomely it was actually a class I had been wanting to go to . . . ZUMBA. I had heard all the hype and thought that it could either a) be pretty lame or b) actually be a good and fun workout. Oh man was the later a true statement. I sweated my butt off dancing around to awesome music. And unlike my last aerobics class it involved real dancing (not that I am any good at it). It was so awesome to be in a huge room of women from 18-50 having a blast. Many of these awesome older women were really good dancers. I only hope that with some practice I can increase my stamina enough to actually last more than the pathetic 15 minutes that I did. 


The music was so much fun that I am still playing the music over and over in my head, it was that good. Music has such an incredible power, a good song can inspire to be happy and want to actually get around and move.

Anyhow this brings me to the question in the title. What is you favorite music to work out to? Oh and do you swear by any particular set of workout clothes or shoes etc?

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  1. I'm running out of workout songs too! But the ones that keep me going no matter what are Check yes Juliet and Let it Rock. They are good ones. :)