Friday, September 2, 2011

Laundry Room Ideas

I cannot begin to describe how stoked I am to have a laundry room. You probably read about how in love I am with owning my own washer and dryer, but in case you didn't just know that I am sorely missing them right now (they are in storage until we move into our house).

In our new house the laundry room is also the walkway from the garage into the rest of the house. This is not ideal so I am looking into ways to make the space both beautiful and functional. I probably (okay definitely) do not have the budget let alone the room for all this:

But I am totally digging this pedestal laundry sorting system it is awesome!

And maybe cool storage things as awesome as this:

Maybe I will get lucky some day and have somewhere like this:

 Laundry Suds by Holly Ledingham With Biltmore Inspirations

Do you love looking around the internet for decorating ideas? What are some of your favorite places to look?

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