Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cloth Diaper Accessories

I decided to condense my cloth diaper experience into a helpful get started guide. I will mention the diapers that now have a permanent presence in what I call my cloth diaper "stash." While I do use different diapers for different situations, I swear its not complicated, mostly I just like variety its fun :)

In order to not waste money while trying different diapers I bought, "nearly new," "seconds" (diapers with slight manufacturing cosmetic imperfections), diapers from China (about 6 dollars versus 18 for american made), and I clearance hunt. If you hate them you can sell them for very close to what you paid for them, and even resell them when your baby potty trains (or re-use them on a second kid). Basically there is no perfect diaper just one that fits your budget and child, it takes some trial and error but its worth it.

The Cloth Diaper Accessories: (all the links work:)

Diaper Sprayer (so you never have to put your hand in a toilet to get off poop)-  $23 With free two day shipping, it being already assembled and coming with an awesome instruction guide this is way better than buying a $50 diaper sprayer off amazon, or spending 25 bucks to make you own.

Storing Dirty Diapers-  I spray my dirty diapers and then toss them in a trashcan that has a washable pail liner (optional), when wash day comes I dump the trashcan and the pail liner itself and they all get washed together, so I never touch a dirty diaper after the fact. Best of all it is also antibacterial. My pail never smells, not so when it was disposables. (I no longer use one as I found it got water inside of it in the wash cycle and was hard to get dry). I found that use a closed pail system gave me more smell issues then keeping an open trash can.  Now I don't need any air freshener at all.

Wetbag-  I  use them on quick trips, this bag is water proof and has one pocket to store clean cloth diapers and one pocket for dirty ones. I keep wipes in it to and the whole thing is all I need to carry with me for a quick pop into the grocery store. This lady makes super cute wetbags. They are also a good price at 10 dollars and she is awesome to work with.

Laundry Detergent- The only detergents you cannot use on cloth diaper are those with synthetic softeners built in. So if that bottle says "Touch of Downey" then back away and grab a different kind. Tide Ultra Powder (use the HE version if that is your machine type) is the most recommended by many cloth diaper companies and is my detergent of choice, I use the appropriate amount  for whatever size load. A good rule is line 1 for 12 or less diapers, line 2 for 13-25 and for more than that go to Line 3 or more. As for the water level you want the diapers covered but not swimming. Think diaper stew not soup.


  1. What do you use for wipes? If you use disposable, where do you put them while changing the cloth diaper (since you aren't throwing the diaper away with the wipe inside)? Thank you for all of your information on cloth diapering. I am a FTM due in January and I feel like I have hit the jackpot by finding your blog!

  2. Do you have wet pail instructions