Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Face

Where did the time go? I swear yesterday I was nine months pregnant, cleaning my house like a crazy person getting ready to become the mom of two little boys. Then a day later it was off to a month of NICU ness where time stands. Then Christmas, then this last surgery, and BOOM! Hoden is six months old I cannot even believe it.

Hoden is a lot like Mr. B and also very much his own unique self. Mr. B didn't really see the point of toys and preferred being held and jumping in his jumperoo. Hoden loves to be held too but he wants to lick every toy/object that comes near him. Mr. B hated being on his belly and took forever and a day to crawl while Hoden rolls around and plays on his belly and sleeps that way too.

Mr. B had hair like a cockatoo that would not stay down even with full on gel whereas Hoden has long whisps of hair that you can only see in the sunlight. They both have blue eyes but Hodens have brown in the middle whereas Mr. B's are much lighter. Both at this age measure in head wise in the 95th percentile but Hoden is in the 80th for height and 60th in weight whereas Mr. B never in his life has had his height venture into the above 50th percentile group. Bless his heart at 2 and half years old Mr. B is still in 18-24 months that need help being held up by his cloth diapers.

Oh how I love my little boys, what freaking cuties :)


  1. I'm hoping you mean Mr. B is 25 MONTHS old, not years. Funny!

  2. So much fun to watch them grow and learn each day. I have always said life is a gift...so that is why we call it the present

  3. Yeah my period totally won't show up, so much for 2 and half years guess its 25 :)