Friday, March 1, 2013

Super Pooper: Colostomy Takedown and Pull through Surgery

We checked into surgery Monday morning. Hoden went into surgery in pretty good spirits considering he hadn't eaten in twelve plus hours (a pretty big deal for a chubbers like him). The surgery ended up taking an impressive five hours. His previous surgeries had left scar tissue that made the surgery not be able to be performed lapriscopicaly as originally thought. Poor Hoden was pretty miserable after surgery you would expect. It was pretty heartbreaking. 

When Hoden started feeling better, we strung his toys from the top of the hospital crib. He was a champ playing in such a confined space. 

When the toys stopped distracting Hoden  and he needed a change of scenery we got creative. Not really, the hospital actually provided wagons for us to take him on field trips. He really appreciated getting a chance to check out the hospital ceiling tiles :)

We are so thankful for the amazing pizza Aunt M. brought us. Homemade BBQ chicken pizza with pineapple. Restaurant pizza just cannot top it, we polished off that huge pizza between the three of us in like ten minutes flat. 

Hoden's Surgery was two part they had to reverse the colostomy and take out a small portion of his intestines and then connect it to the bowel. So he had his old incision reopened and a new larger incision. He is taking it like a champ though. Holy cow I love his thigh rolls :)

Grandma S. graciously watched Mr. B while I was at the hospital with Hoden and as a special suprise Grandma B. flew in for her 50th bithday present to come see Hoden as he got discharged. We are so thankful for their help and for everyone else who helped take care of us.

 We are super proud of our Hoden, he handled everything super well. By Thursday he was nursing like a champ, handling being only tylenol and pooping like a champ :) his Dr. gave us the go ahead to go home. We feel incredibly blessed and hope everything continues to go well. Peace out colostomy bags :) bring on a insane amount of poopy diapers. 

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