Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Types of Cloth Diapers: All in Ones and Fitteds with Covers

All in Ones (AIO)- 
These are the diapers most like disposables, they are all one piece, nothing to stuff, no separate cover etc. While that sounds awesome there are some downsides too. For example no stuffing means limited adjustable absorbency, and more time spent in the dryer. If you need a daycare diaper these are a great option if you can foot the bill, they often run between 12 dollars for a basic microfiber inner to 25 dollars for one made out of all natural fibers. Common types include the Elemenal (on the left) and the Freetime (bottom left) and the NickisDiapers Bamboo.

If you need to add absorbency you can usually lay an insert under the soakers or some All in Ones have a pocket for stuffing in additional insert or doubler (the Thirsties All in One is a pocket type AIO). Ultimately, I find them not quite absorbent enough for my heavy wetter on their own but they work well for 95% of cloth diapering folks.

A fitted is a type of cloth diaper made out many many layers of absorbent material on all sides, they are usually the most absorbant of all cloth diapers especially if made out of hemp (the most absorbent of all or bamboo). I highly recommend them if you have a child that needs a good overnight diaper. Even if not cloth diapering but you need something for overnight when disposables are not cutting it these are what you want. However, they are not waterproof on their own and therefore require the additional step of a cover (you can learn about covers here). On the left is a Bamboo fitted diaper from Nickies Diapers. On the right is a Workhorse fitted that is more for newborns and light overnight wetters sold by Green Mountain Diapers

We made our own fitteds for overnight. They were made from large prefolds and I sewed in bamboo doublers flap style to make them absorbent enough for my super peeing kiddos. They are easy enough to make for any sewing ability.

You can make them easiest with a serger but a regular sewing machine is plenty too. I find the best sewing tutorials here.

Ultimately if you want a easy and bulletproof night solution you want fitteds with covers. 

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