Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Liebster Award- 11 Facts about me

My 11 Facts About Me:

- I eat a bag of marshmallows every two days.

- I think I photograph best while pregnant, something about not having to suck in your stomach or loving that I get a cute round ball, who knows. I know this makes me super weird though.

- I have probably taken 5000 photos of my children.

- I would rather sing or speak in front of a very large group thank have to lead music or play the piano for any size function it just gives me panic attacks thinking about it.

- I picked out my wedding dress three days before my wedding, I was alone at a rental shop and the dress I had ordered came out terribly wrong. I literally picked the only dress my size that they had available that weekend. As such I am addicted to Say Yes To The Dress :)

- I am way more shy and sensitive than people realize and cry way too easily.

- I am a total water baby and would spend the entire summer at the pool.

- I actually avoid Pinterest. I find it leaves me fealing unfashionable, bad at cooking and terrible at being crafty.

- My hair is so thin that I could use the little girl half ponytail holders with no trouble.

- I actually weighed more on my wedding day than when I delivered my second child (thanks to healthy eating, and sleeping way more than I did in college).

- Second to being a Mom my dream job is to be a Customer Service Consultant. I would travel giving lectures and seminars on how to provide better customer service. I would also work by contract with various companies to work one on one with their employees.

My 11 Questions for You:
1. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

. I really think the amazing marriage relationship my husband and I have is a huge accomplishment. We may disagree but we never yell or speak harshly to one another and have never really fought ever, 4 years in that isn't too shabby.
2. What's your favorite ice cream?

Mint Oreo, I make it homemade, order it in milkshakes and want it every time I go to the BYU Creamery.

3.  What skill do you wish you had? (For example, I always wanted to be awesome at ice skating. Or sewing. I'll take either).

Sewing well, I can sew but it is rarely pretty.

4. What book character do you relate to the most? (Can't think of a book one? Go with movie)

5. What song must you always dance to when it comes on?

Jump In The Line by Harry Belafonte or Jump Jive and Wail (any version)

6. If you were brave (read: crazy) enough (and your S.O. let you) what unique name would you give your child? (Like the celebrity choices of Apple or Blanket)

Hendrix :)
7. What city (or country) in the world do you want to visit most?

Italy, between the food and the scenery I would be set!

8. Favorite birthday and why?

25, I was pregnant with my second child and just feeling cute and super content with life. I hope to have every year feel the same way.

9. If you could pick an age at which to stop aging, what would it be?

Same as above, my body is how I wished it could look, and if I actually put some work into it I could probably get in shape fairly easily too.

10. Favorite place to go on a date?

Anywhere with food :) We love to eat. I am not a super adventurous eater but I LOVE food :) ice cream, mexican, burgers and fries etc I am easy to please.

11. What's your best pickup line?

I never really heard any that I found clever enough to remember but my husband is full of them, always using them to try to make me laugh.

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