Monday, March 11, 2013

Types of Cloth Diapers: All In Twos and Classic Covers

All In Twos

Left-Diaper Safarai, Middle-Flip Right-Blueberry Capri
 An "All in Two" diaper cover or system can be a lot of different things. It can be a diaper where the insert snaps on top of a one time use shell (Like Best Bottoms Grovia and Soft Bums). 

I have only personally used Best Bottoms, which I have mentioned probably too many times, they have snap in inserts. They make hemp jersey and microfiber stay dry fleece topped inserts. Easy peasy, but a but on the pricey side for me, their overnight doublers under their stay dry inserts really are a bulletproof nighttime combo. They save my bacon. I mentioned them way back here if you are interested. 

Likewise a All in two can also be a reusable cover with flaps that you can tuck in a insert, prefolds or flat. Most people have heard of the Flip system by Cottonbabies (Bum genius's maker) I would say that it is probably  the most common All in Two. They sell  inserts that lay in (I don't have any of theirs but the Best Bottom inserts work well in it), disposable inserts and you can use prefolds or flats that get folded then laid inside. Diaper Safari work the same way. (The top diaper cover in the first picture). Diaper Safari and the Blueberry Coverall work the same way.  I love them because they are so versatile you really can mix and match the covers and the inserts/prefolds etc. 

Flip cover with Best Bottoms insert

Diaper Safari with Best Bottom insert
Using a prefold in a All in two is super nice, unlike a normal or traditional cover like mentioned here, a Diaper Safari or Flip (I call them flap covers) they hold the prefold really well. You simply trifold as pictured below then lay them under the flaps.

You can also do the same thing with even a simple kitchen Flour Sack towel like you can get at Walmart. 

The left is the Diaper Safari and the right is a Blueberry Capri (size 2)

In a nutshell the All in Two is probably the most versatile and economical type of cloth diapers. They are less scary then they look, I promise :)

Model Shot :) Flip cover with prefold in the Albert print

Classic Covers

 These are the covers that first replaced the vinyl or plastic pants they are the most basic cover you can buy. Don't get me wrong thought they are still awesome. I think every stash should at least have one classic cover. They are amazing for over fitteds (super absorbent but non waterproof diapers used for nighttime or snappied prefolds/flats). As you can see, unlike the All in Two covers they don't have flaps or snaps. The left (or top) is a Rumparooz, the middle is a Thirsties Size 2 and the right (or bottom) is a Blueberry Coverall. 

 Just like with a All in Two you can lay in a padfolded flat or flour sack towel.

 But my favorite is over a snappied prefold (or fitted). Give them a try. They are cheap and easy to use.

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