Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holy Bowling Ball

You know you have a problem when you are rolling down the waistband on your maternity jeans, because they are not low enough. Or when the distance from the crotch of your pants to the top of the waistband is a max of 3 inches and even that makes you uncomfortable. I remember why with Mr. B I unzipped my jeans all the way, then folded unzipped sides into and underneath the pockets and wore a belly band. No elastic band trick for me unbuttoning is just not enough.

But then again maybe its just me, and the distance between my chest and my belly is the width of my hand with a finger width to spare is just a figment of my imagination. Anyhow at least it kinda looks cute, well or at least 18 weeks pregnant, but I am okay with that. 22 left to go :)

Too bad rolling down my waistband looks super ghetto with my shirt tucked in. Although with a shirt over it, they are back to looking like normal jeans instead of the epic disaster or maternity jeans I bought and attempted to wear with Mr. B.

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