Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The person behind the camera

My mom tells a story about how one/ several of her children when viewing home videos asked "were you not at my birthday party?" To a little kid that only sees what the camera was seeing, it is understandable that they begin to wonder about  what they could not see which was essentially "the person behind the cameria (ie their parents)," and what they were up to.  In hopes of preventing my son from having a similar confusion my mom made sure that I appeared in a picture or two while she was in town. 

As time passes and we see our house looking extremely messy it becomes hard to remember why the messes sometimes go untouched. The answer. . . "the one behind the camera" was taking the time to make said little one feel loved and appreciated by taking the time to read them a book, give them a snuggle and dry their tears when they got hurt or upset.  Thanks so much to my own mom and dad who did those things for me and taught me to do that same for my own child(ren). 

This first picture was obviously from a few months ago, it was even during the time my mom in August, see she really good at doing this, and I so appreciate it. She is also the one that shot this picture. Love that little squishy newborn stage.

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