Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's Go Bananas

One of my dear brother's has an inrrational fear of bananas. He probably saw this title and quickly shut off his computer :) But for those of your that don't have such fear but can appreciate the mess children can make in the time it takes to pee, then here you go. 1 minute and we get this awesome mess, I wish I could have gotten a picture of the floor because it was epic. 

Side not, I love blue eyes, so gorgeous nothing against brown eyes (as I have them, and get them from my dear mother). But oh man they just make my heart melt. Nevermind that my son has unbelievably long eye lashes that would make any girl jealous.

 Mr. B was pretty proud of his work. Me . . . not so much. But I love and adore him. It comes with the job. Kids are messy but with faces like that you can almost clean up the mess with a smile. The only mess I was never quite able to clean up with a positive attitude was a blowout. Poop up to a child's neck is just not a good time. I am pretty stoked to use cloth diapers on my next newborn as I hear that they almost entirely prevent blowouts.   Hmm okay maybe the projectile baby spit up was a little iffy as well. But hey the little guy could not help it. Basically cuteness goes a long way in making it all worth it (well that and unconditional parental love, but you get the cuteness idea :)

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