Saturday, April 14, 2012

Online Yardsale (update with sold)

Maternity Clothes:

Basically I went through my maternity stuff and realized I had never worn (or only worn twice) the following, mostly because they were purchased thinking I would be a size medium and instead I was a size small. If you want everything just let me know how much you would like to pay.

Red Shirt- $3 maternity size medium, tie back, 3/4 sleeves. Sold

Brown Shirt- $3 maternity size medium, tie back, super soft. Sold

Red Motherhood Maternity- $10 like new, no fading, the picture is misleading, it is knee length very adjustable, and stretchy, super comfy. Sold

Black dress, 3/4 sleeve new never worn size 8-10 from kohls, maternity dress. $10

Brown Dress Forever 21- $5 not a maternity dress but was worn pregnant, it is a size medium.

Cloth Diapers (SOLD

Now that I have cloth diapered a month I have found my favorite type and surprisingly it was not pocket diapers (the easiest to use, you put them on like a disposable). So I am selling my 3 pocket diapers. I would love to sell them together for someone to try out cloth diapering I would like to get 25 for them (the total purchased new was $31), the blue has never been used, I only washed it. All of them come with 2 inserts so you could use any of them overnight. All 3 diapers adjust from 9-35 pounds.

Kawaii- New and Improved Heavy Duty ($9)

Tweedlebugs Brand- (13 new)

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  1. Charlene,

    Can I have the red shirt, red dress, and brown dress? And if I come over will you show me the cloth diapers? I've been toying with the idea, but am kind of afraid... I could come over tonight or tomorrow. facebook message me and I'll send my phone number.