Monday, August 8, 2011

Bear Lake- Life does not get better

G and I had the amazing opportunity to take go on a camping trip with both of our families. We had a blast. I was very hesitant about going camping with a crawling baby. Well Grandma Sherri, Aunt Brittany, Grandpa Paul, Grandma Sara, Aunt Michelle and his Uncles Andrew and David.

Between them and us Mr. B never touched the ground, except for when he was given the chance to crawl around in the sand. Man does that kid love sand, he crawled around on a very rocky beach for periods of an hour, perfectly content, well except for when we fished rocks out of his mouth (we told him no but he still slipped a few in.

Mr. B thought the tent was a giant play pen, he had a delightful time crawling around the sleeping bags (we brought a pack and play too though).

Overall it was an amazing trip. The weather started out rainy and we were concerned that it would continued but miraculously and despite the forecast it was a sunny and the perfect temperature. We are looking forward to going back someday.

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