Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bottom Floor Apartments- An apartment history

When G and I were moving into our apartment he commented that this was the first bottom floor apartment that we had ever lived in (while married). He commented on how lucky we were that we had never had to put up with noisy upstairs neighbors. I did not give his comment too much thought until last night (at 11:30pm) when I was unable to fall asleep because my upstairs neighbors were either, dancing, playing the Wii, unpacking their belongings violently, or some activity that involves running around your apartment that late at night. If they had woken up Mr B I swear I would have taken him in my arms upstairs to their apartment, knocked on the door and handed them my screaming son and possible saying something to the effect of "look what you did." Probably not the most Christlike thing to do, but the thought definitely came to mind

Anyhow now that they have calmed down I started to think about our past places of residence and their own individual quarks, charms and nuisances. Starting with out very first apartment

Our first kitchen, pretty exciting, I wish you could see that the sink was only 2 inches deep and that the fridge opened the wrong direction

Unlike some newlywed apartments, ours was HUGE, the problem is that a pitched roof loft  only accessible by a spiral staircase makes for an awkward family room.

This picture was literally taken from our front door. The downstairs was incredibly tiny, it fit the table pushed up against the kitchen wall. Not only that but this apartment's bathroom was off the kitchen. Our bedroom was upstairs behind the family room loft, so to go to the bathroom at night you had to walk through every room in the apartment to get to the bathroom. Nonetheless it was a great first apartment. Absolutely adorable.

Our second apartment was an apartment building managing gig across the street so we walked our belongings over there on foot (well except for the grocery cart). It too had plenty of charm and funky quarks. The first being that this townhouse style apartment was in a BYU student housing building so it was noisier than noisy and it was also where I worked.

Another quark was that the bathroom did not have a sink, instead each bedroom had its own vanity.

Our kitchen delightfully had a dishwasher (a mini one) but sadly it also had a mini sized oven as well.

When Mr. B came around we turned the extra bedroom into a baby nursery. We think we got it looking pretty cute. Sadly he only slept in it about 3 nights before we moved into BYU's Married Student Housing.

Wymount although smaller than our previous apartment and lacking a dishwasher was still a glorious change. Not only was it quiet it also had a huge family room, a bathtub I did not have to "work" there.

I had so much fun living there. Even if I did have to trek a quarter mile to do laundry.

The townhome we rented when G first got his job at BYU was amazing! We loved the kitchen, it was huge and so pretty. I was in love with it, actually I kind of still am.

The best part of all was probably the fact that it had washer dryer hookups. So wonderful. 

Although we are currently living in a temporary apartment, with only one bedroom it will be so worth it when we get to move to our new home.

Tell me about your first apartment or house. The good the bad and the ugly (or random).

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you documented it. You make apartment living so romantic, which it is I suppose! In our first apartment our bathroom ceiling caved in, but it was a good place to be.