Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Musings and Excitement

We are becoming increasingly excited about our new home. Perhaps it has something to do with living in a apartment where Benton's room is the size of a closet (okay so it actually is a closet). Then again I am sure we would be excited about our first home even if it wasn't new. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am that I can do simple things like hang pictures with nails instead of a bazillion command strips, and to feel like it is okay to unpack all of my possessions instead of just the essentials.

My mind has been heavily occupied with daydreams about how we will decorate our home. I have previously posted the layout of the home we are building, and wish I could post pictures of the model home but I cannot find any. Instead I found a picture of one of their kitchens that is using many of the same colors, like the counters, and cabinets and wall color we are doing stainless instead of black appliances though.

What is also cool is that in the corner between our sink and stove their is a walk in pantry, and our island will have a double over hang so that we can fit 6 barstools. I am already picturing all the awesome conversations that will take place sitting around it.

Although the next picture is kind of boring and stark it gives you an idea of what our walls and carpet will be colored.

Recently I went to the model home nearest to our new house and fell in love with just about everything she used to decorate it. Thankfully every thing she used came from Target, so hopefully with careful budgeting I can gradually acquire some of the awesome pieces she used, mainly these adorable rugs. Ultimately we feel incredibly blessed to have this amazing opportunity to not only buy a home, but to make it feel like ours from the start.

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