Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diaper Dancing

Okay so this is really not a post about "Dancing Diapers" but I am a sucker for titles with alliteration and Mr. B does occasionally dance around while wearing only his diaper. Anyhow, I am want to learn how everyone buys their diapers.

Did you just decide to buy one set brand regardless of the price? Do you buy whichever kind is on sale? Do you go buy them from a store or do you buy them online (like through Amazon I hear great things about this way)? Or do you cloth diaper (they look pretty snazzy now days)?

We have always just bought ours from Costco, we buy either the Huggies or the Costco brand, whichever is on sale, we then buy two boxes worth, which hopefully lasts us until the next type goes on sale. When neither is on  sale we either suck it up and buy the Huggies (my favorite) or I go to Target and buy theirs (they are a great deal, Walmart's are too). I loved Pampers back when Mr. B was a newborn but they are too expensive for our budget and I did not find them much different from Walmart or Target's store brand kinds.


  1. Cloth diaper. I took the plunge and I do love it.

  2. I love the Target brand of diapers and they are pretty cheap (cheaper than buying them at Costco). I think the design on them is cute too:) I have also heard good things about buying diapers on Amazon, but I've never done it myself.