Monday, August 29, 2011

Decorating Musings

I am quickly realizing how absolutely amazing it will be to decorate a house that is actually ours. On the flip side this thought also terrifies me. I am afraid that things I think are cute now may soon look dated. Not only that but the sheer cost of decorating a house with even things as simple as curtains and a bedspread for our room could rack up quite the bill. 

Is it worth it to sew your own bedding and drapes?
 Fabric is so expensive that I am not sure how to approach this.
If you have any awesome decorating suggestions send them my way. 

I am absolutely in love with this bedding, not the price tag unfortunately ($177 yikes).


  1. We found our bedding at TJ Maxx. Since you have lots of time it might be worth it to check out places like that fairly often. We LOVE it, it is higher quality than we could normally afford, and we got a sweet deal on it.

  2. My mom buys the cute but cheaper bedspreads from ross or tj's that have a nice fabic. Then she pulls out the stuffing and creates a duvet. It's a cheaper way to get a better quality bedspread without all the extra work of starting from scratch.

    - marci

  3. Marci I totally debated doing that. I found a cute comforter set at the Overstock store here, and I debated doing that. I should totally ask your mom the details.