Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Diaper Bags

Before Mr. B was born I spent my spare time at work perusing the internet for the perfect baby gear. A good chunk of this time was spent trying to find the perfect diaper bag. It seemed like everywhere I went I spotted one of the iconic Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpacks. While I thought they looked cute enough my jaw dropped when I saw the price tag . . . $239 BUCKS . . . I don't think so (not that I judge anyone who has one though, sometimes I am even a tiny bit jealous).

G. had his own thoughts on diaper bags, he wanted one that would not defile his manhood, or require we take out a loan (he was in school and I had a low paying job). So we took advantage of a Babies R Us coupon and bought this one:

When Mr B was a newborn I dutifully toted every place Mr. B and I went. Back then Mr. B was a projectile vomiter, no wimpy spit up from this kids (he could launch several feet away). So I had to pack several cloth diaper style burp clothes,2 outfits for him and a shirt for me on top of the standard diapers, wipes, pacifier, and bottle (he also was a lousy public nurser at the beginning so I brought bottles of pumped milk when we went out). This greatly tested the seems of the bag but it held up. My only true gripe of the bag is that it does not stand up straight and this can really get to be quite a problem.

Once Mr B outgrew the projectile thing we moved on to using a simple one pocket tote bag. One that carried the standard gear plus a few toys. It worked well enough but gradually I felt like even that was too much "diaper bag" for us. Enter the current "diaper bag":

This is a Ross special that fits my purse style, I love a bag that sits upright and has end pockets that can fit a water bottle (or sippy cup) and my cell phone. I also love rings to attach my infamous key carabiners to. Now I only carry wipes, diapers, a change of clothes for Mr. B and some cheerios.

What is your diaper bag mantra, do you like a huge bag, a unisex bag, a purse, or something totally different?


  1. I'm all about the big purses! I'm actually looking for a new one right now. The one I got when I had Naomi is definitely starting to show how loved it's been. I love your bag though! I didn't think of Ross or Marshall's or whatnot. Definitely need to check those out.

  2. you can get cheaper ppb diaper bags at their outlet sales...also gap and nordstrom sell a cute style that are around $100:)
    I got one that looks like a purse, but is actually a diaper bag, and Tyler wouldn't be embarrassed carrying it around